Kanojo Okarishimasu 96 Summary

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Kazuya didn’t hear what Sumi said as the crowd was walking past him and asks if she said something.

Sumi: “Fishing…”

Kazuya: “Huh? Fishing?” Kazuya thinks that she’s talking about the next thing they will do.

At the fishing moat, Sumi gets ready and Kazuya thinks she’s skilled at it and asks if she comes here often. She shakes her head. The guys around them complement how pretty Sumi is and that she looks like a heroine character from an anime.

Kazuya gets ready to fish but then cuts himself and bleeds a bit. Sumi panics and gestures that she doesn’t have a band aid with her. He says not to worry about it and that he will be fine when he puts saliva on his finger. Sumi then sucks on that injured finger.

Kazuya: “What’s she doing!!! Her lips are so soft. Is this ok!? Is this fine in terms of rental girlfriends!?”

After they’re done fishing, Kazuya wants to pay for the fee but Sumi declines it, and they agree to split it.

Cashier: “Oh young girl. You’re here today with your boyfriend? I remember you well because it’s rare that a girl comes here by herself. You came here last time, right?”

After hearing that, Kazuya realizes that Sumi came here before to check this place out. “She’s amazing…! Hospitality…huh…but why would she go this far…?”

At the end, Sumi remembers how she said she loves Kazuya and holds her back tightly.


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