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Kazuya remember how he tried to convince his father to take him to a Dolphin show but his family was busy and wasn’t able to fulfill his wish. Sumi comes back with drinks.

Kazuya: “What an amazing hospitality…Who thought I could come here with such a cute girl. Rental girlfriends are the best!!”

Sumi points to a different seat. Kazuya can’t understand what the purpose behind that is and why she wanted to move back. She points at the wet spot and Kazuya realizes that they could’ve got wet if they didn’t change seats.

[After the Dolphin Show]

Kazuya: “It finished so quickly…the harmony between humans and animals is fantastic…”

The “splash time” starts and the kids at the front are having fun but then the dolphin causes an even bigger splash and Kazuya and Sumi get wet after all. The announcer says that the dolphin is in a good condition today and asks everyone to be careful.

Kazuya: “The dolphin is in a good mood?!”

Sumi: “Sorry…I’m…sorry…”

Kazuya: “I see…for Sumi chan, her hospitality failed…”

Kazuya laughs out loud and says that she doesn’t need to worry about it and that he’s having fun, and adds that as long as Sumi chan is also enjoying her time, then that alone is the best hospitality for him.

Kazuya says he will go buy t shirts for them and then Sumi says, “I love you…”

Kazuya: “What…?”


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