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All of a sudden, Sumi sits down on the ground and Kazuya is confused.

Kazuya: “What happened to Sumi chan?!” He asks if she’s alright or if she isn’t feelings well. More people come and they also sit down. Turns out a penguin show was about to start. Kazuya: “Haha so cute. I see. Sumi chan knew about it…”

Kazuya is excited after he sees a sawfish. Kazuya: “Is it 4 meters tall? I can’t believe it will grow twice as big as it is now! Ohh! Even a Manta Ray is here! So you really don’t need to go to Okinawa to see them!” Sumi doesn’t say anything and Kazuya thinks he got too excited and she’s creeped out.

But it’s the opposite and Sumi is amazed and starts to clap.

Kazuya shows off his knowledge about the sawfish and Manta Ray. He thinks he got ahead of himself this time by saying too much but Sumi’s eyes are twinkling. Kazuya: “She was born to be a rental girlfriend…”

They go to the Dolphin stadium where there will be a Dolphin show and Kazuya says, “Right! I saw on TV that there is a Dolphin show in the Shinagawa Aqua Park! I always wanted to come here!” The show starts at 11:30AM and Kazuya recalls Chizuru’s words that he must be there at 11:30AM and realizes it’s because of the Dolphin show.

Kazuya: “She really put a lot of effort into preparing the date for today. Maybe I can just relax a bit more and just enjoy it…”

The announcement rings and states that the customers sitting at the front need to be careful as it’s possible that their whole body could be splashed by the water.


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