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Chapter starts with Kazuya researching on how to motivate girls who are depressed and about experiences people had with their sick grandparents. Kazuya: “Does researching something like this even help…” And then Chizuru calls him again from the balcony. She tells him that Sumi again needs him for practice. He agrees to the invitation.

Kazuya remembers about Chizuru’s forced smile and asks her if she’s doing fine. Chizuru: “What, the same question again? I already told you. I did everything I could do for Grandma. Only a fool regrets.” She then asks if everything is alright with Ruka. Kazuya: “Well…somehow.”

Kazuya still doesn’t know what to do with the situation.

[Practice Date with Sumi]

Kazuya thinks that Samu’s request is Chizuru’s request so he wants to do his best today. Once he meets up with her, he sees her wearing school uniform and he gets confused. Kazuya: “Ah sorry. Maybe I didn’t get the message? I didn’t hear anything from Mizuhara! I came here with normal clothes!” Sumi gestures that it was her choice to wear this.

Kazuya: “Do you wear your school uniform often?”

Sumi writes on her phone: “I thought that you like school uniforms.”

Kazuya: “Huh?”

Kazuya is confused why Sumi thought so. But then remembers that he saw her when he went on a date with Chizuru wearing school uniforms. Kazuya: “I see…She saw me when I made Mizuhara wear her school uniform and she thought I like uniforms…So, she did this for me…?! This is! Aqua Park Shinagawa!!! The aquarium?! Did she hear from Mizuhara that I love fish?!”

Sumi tells Kazuya that she wanted to be the one to provide hospitality today.


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