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Kazuya can’t compute everything that happened yesterday night, with him kissing Ruka, trying to break his relationship with Mizuhara, and then her grandmother collapsing and then being told by Mizuhara that they shouldn’t tell them the truth. He still thinks it’s for the better to tell them the truth. And at that moment, he receives a text from Ruka, that they will meet today at 10AM. 

Ruka looks as usual and Kazuya wonders if she doesn’t feel uncomfortable and he can’t even look straight into her eyes. Ruka, realizing how uncomfortable Kazuya looks like, she asks if everything was alright yesterday with Chizuru’s grandmother.

Kazuya: “It’s not good to make her worried anyway.”

Ruka: “Chizuru san…”

Kazuya: “Huh?”

Ruka: “Did Chizuru san look like she was suffering?”

Kazuya answers yes, but says that Chizuru tried her best not to show it. Kazuya: “Ruka chan is a really good girl. Even in times like now, she’s worried about others…I’m not sure if I could do the same…”

Ruka: It’s time for a “truce”. Between myself and Chizuru san.

Kazuya: “What?”

Ruka: “Of course I want to be your girlfriend. But I don’t want to complicate the situation at a time like now.”

Kazuya: “Ruka chan…!!”

Ruka says that she’s happy when she saw how Kazuya tried to tell the truth about his relation with Chizuru, but also thinks that now isn’t the right time for that. 

Ruka: “I was able to kiss the person I love. I think our relationship also took a step forward. This is most definitely a progress!”

Kazuya: “Ruka chan…!!”

Ruka: “Also, if you wanna do ‘that’, then tell me anytime!”

Ruka: “We removed the kissing ban, right?“

Kazuya: “We haven’t!! We haven’t removed the ban!”

Kazuya on his way home thinks, “I finally got my resolve, but then this time, both Mizuhara and Ruka chan are opposed to it…They’re more mature than me…” He’s still unsure what he should do.

On the last page, Sumi has marked Kazuya’s birthday on the calendar and looks ready.


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