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Kazuya and Chizuru arrive at the hospital and go to see Chizuru’s grandmother who seems to be doing fine. The two grandmothers joke about Chizuru’s grandmother’s strength to making a return from a near death experience. 

Chizuru’s grandmother: “But I’m sorry about this. I ruined your birthday party.”

Kazuya’s grandmother tells her not to worry about it and apologizes for inviting Chizuru on such a day. But then Chizuru’s grandmother says that Chizuru clearly wanted to go. Kazuya looks surprised and happy hearing that. He gets ahead of himself, so Chizuru glares at him. The doctor calls Chizuru to talk about her grandmother’s health. 

Kazuya: “I’m happy that Grandmother Sayuri is doing fine, but I missed the timing to tell them that we broke up. There’s the thing with Ruka chan as well so I can’t let things stay the same…” He then sees Chizuru and is told that her grandmother’s health is pretty bad. “I was just told by the doctor…she seems to be doing great but there isn’t much time left for her…”

Kazuya: “Are you alright…?”

Chizuru: “I told you she isn’t alright” 

Kazuya: “No I mean are you alright…?”

Chizuru says that she’s fine and that she already knew about it since she was told about the disease and that she has done everything she could for her grandmother. 

And then, Kazuya says that he will tell them about their fake relationship. But then she stops him, saying, “I don’t…wanna tell them…”


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