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Kazuya: “What? A kiss? What are you talking about suddenly…”

Ruka: “It’s our half year anniversary. A normal couple would do it but I won’t force you to it. I just thought that I would be happy if I could do my first kiss with someone I love.”

Kazuya: “But we aren’t a normal couple…”

Ruka: “You’re so cold!!”

Kazuya continues to apologize and doesn’t know what to do. And then we go back to the scene from the last chapter, where Grandma takes the ring out.

Grandma: “I have a gift for you Chizuru san.”

Kazuya: “Ah?! That box is…!”

Grandma: “This is…the ring that my husband gave to me when he proposed to me.”

Kazuya: (The porposal ring…! This is too heavy…!!)

Grandma: “Harumi san inherited this from me but then we talked that we wanted to give it to you in your 20th birthday. Right Harumi san?”

Mother: “Yes, please accept it.”

Chizuru uncomfortably looks at Kazuya.

Kazuya: “This is impossible!! Impossible impossible!! There’s no way she can accept this!!!”

Kazuya can’t understand how his Grandma would give something like that to someone who barely turned 20 and is also just a rental girlfriend, but does acknowledge that’s his fault.

Grandma: “We don’t have anything we could give to you other than this. An old lady like me also doesn’t have the taste to come up a present for you.”

Chizuru of course says she can’t accept the gift but Grandma insists to pass it on to her. Kazuya sees how she’s in trouble and tells himself that he has to do something. But then, Ruka holds his shirt from the back tightly. Kazuya: “What is this hand!! What does it mean…?! Is it some kind of message from Ruka chan?” He realizes that Ruka can’t endure it anymore considering it’s the engagement ring.

Kazuya: “She can’t accept it…” Grandma says that he knows Kazuya’s feelings, but she didn’t make this decisions lightly. But then Kazuya explains himself. He says that Chizuru can’t accept it. “I’m really sorry. I know that you love Mizuhara…(Will Grandma cry…?Guh…I don’t wanna see it…!! Or will I be disowned?…? Either way, it’s the worst.)” He thinks that Ruka is stressed because goes on a date with Chizuru and considering her well-being, he thinks that he needs to end this. (“Thank you till now Mizuhara…!! I’m sorry…Ruka chan!! I just can’t continue lying like and continue sacrificing things…!!”) As he’s about to say that they broke up or something, Chizuru receives a call from the hospital and is told that her Grandma has collapsed.

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