Kanojo Okarishimasu 89 Spoiler

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Kazuya: “What? A kiss? What are you talking about suddenly…”

Ruka: “It’s our half year anniversary. A normal couple would do it but I won’t force you to it. I just thought that I would be happy if I could do my first kiss with someone I love.”

Kazuya: “But we aren’t a normal couple…”

Ruka: “You’re so cold!!”

Kazuya continues to apologize and doesn’t know what to do. And then we go back to the scene from the last chapter, where Grandma takes the ring out.

Grandma: “I have a gift for you Chizuru san.”

Kazuya: “Ah?! That box is…!”

Grandma: “This is…the ring that my husband gave to me when he proposed to me.”

Kazuya: (The porposal ring…! This is too heavy…!!)

Grandma: “Harumi san inherited this from me but then we talked that we wanted to give it to you in your 20th birthday. Right Harumi san?”

Mother: “Yes, please accept it.”

Chizuru uncomfortably looks at Kazuya.

Kazuya: “This is impossible!! Impossible impossible!! There’s no way she can accept this!!!”

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