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Kazuya pushes Ruka away and asks her what she’s doing, but she then kisses him again. He stops her again and tells her that they can’t do it. Ruka then comes back to her senses and apologizes to him. “But I didn’t want to lose. I…don’t regret it.”

They go back to the dinner table and Kazuya blushes by just looking at Ruka’s lips. Chizuru sees them and tells that they don’t look too well. Grandma is also worried since they were a lot more energetic before. Kazuya tells them that he’s fine, but thinks, “Nothing is fine. What’s the hell is this…this is bad…a kiss?!! Ruka chan and I? Why a kiss?! Why now?! I made her endure more than I had thought…!” Kazuya puts the blame on him as he pushed Ruka to that point. He feels sorry for her that he likely is her first kiss and again thinks that he pushed her to that point. Then Grandma takes something out of her pocket and says that she almost forgot to give it to Chizuru. She takes out a gift for her.


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