Kanojo Okarishimasu 87 Summary

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Kazuya can’t calm down as Ruka continues to make moves to get close to his family. The bell rings and Chizuru appears, “I’m sorry for being late. it’s Chizuru.” Grandmother gets teary and screams, “Princess Chizuru!!!” and hugs her and asks if her Grandmother is doing well or not.

Chizuru: “Hey Ruka chan. Sorry for being late.”

Ruka: “Don’t worry! (You didn’t need to come. But I can’t fight her here because it would have the opposite effect. Why did you come Chizuru san! I even told you that you had no need to come!!)”

Ruka illustrates the situation in her head as a game of Osero, where she’s in an advantage because she used all this time to get closer to Grandma.As they offer her food to eat, Chizuru asks first to pray in front of the altar. Everyone is shocked with how considerate she is and Ruka herself is shocked as she didn’t come up with that thought. And now with this action, Chizuru leads the Osero game. 

Looking at the situation and Chizuru’s action, Ruka gets sad. Mother asks Chizuru where she lives and she tells them and they realize that she lives close to Kazuya. So, Grandma asks them why they won’t live together and Chizuru answers that she would become too dependent on Kazuya in that case. 

Kazuya goes to the washroom because Chizuru’s brightness is too strong and his darkness stands out as a result. He’s relaxed as at this rate, he will be able to overcome this birthday party. He sees Ruka coming out of the washroom but she’s silent. She holds his tie and pulls him to her face and kisses him. 


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