Kanojo Okarishimasu 86 Summary

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Grandma gets teary because she found Chizuru’s voice so beautiful. Kazuya: “How extreme are you…” Ruka angrily stares at Kazuya. He thinks that she’s making that face because he has Chizuru’s contact info. Chizuru explains that she came to visit her grandmother today and it seems like she isn’t feeling too well after her checkup. Grandmother is worried about her and says that Chizuru doesn’t need to worry about coming today and they still can have a birthday party next time anyway. She hands over the phone to Kazuya.

He talks to her outside, and asks if it’s okay that she called him. She tells him not to get the wrong idea and explains that it would be weirder when they are in the same group chat and yet haven’t added each other. Chizuru explains about her grandmother and Kazuya too tells her not to come and that he will take care of this situation. Chizuru is still concerned, but is told that Grandmother is satisfied after hearing her voice. Ruka takes away the phone and says that she indeed doesn’t need to come, “Today I will officially claim Kazuya to be mine!” and then hangs up. “You’re the worst Kazuya kun! Why do you know her contact information! Wasn’t the promise that you two would be in a rental girlfriend relation? If you two cheat like that, then I too have a plan.”

Chizuru thinks that there’s no way the situation will be fine, as Ruka’s livid. She thinks there’s no guarantee that she won’t reveal about the rental girlfriend thing either. She goes to her grandmother and says, “You know Grandma. I actually had the promise to go to Kazuya san’s place…They wanted to do my birthday party there…So…you know…”

Grandma: “Why didn’t you say anything…?”

She scolds Chizuru saying that it’s not the time to be here and that she shouldn’t leave Kazuya alone. Chizuru answers that she thought that Grandma wasn’t feeling too well. “I’m fine! I just recovered!”

Chizuru: “Geez Grandma was clearly suffering just before. But she got her energies back once I said ‘Kazuya san’. But why did I even say that. I was told that there’s no need to come for me anymore.” As she gets in the taxi, she says, “I’m an idiot too…”

Kazuya looks at Ruka and Grandma as they exchange their LINE.


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