Kanojo Okarishimasu 85 Summary

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Ruka gifts Kazuya a tie, saying that she wants him to become more of an adult. 

Kazuya: “What an awful birthday…!! Just because Mizuhara isn’t here, Ruka is in a mode of wanting to be liked!! Even from my point of view, she’s the ideal girlfriend right now. Within an hour, she became close with grandma and the others.”

Grandma says that it’s already 6pm and that Chizuru seems to be late and asks Kazuya to call her. Kazuya says he will call her outside. Ruka thinks there’s no way that he would know her number, and Kazuya’s screen is indeed black. He’s staring at his phone and considers to call her via LINE, but he would need to add her as a friend first. He goes back to his family and says that Chizuru didn’t pick up the phone. 

Ruka is sitting beside Grandma and says that Grandma reminds her of her own Grandma. She says that her grandma passed away 2 years ago. Grandma hugs her and says that Ruka can consider her as her Grandma from Tokyo and always rely on her if needed.

Ruka: “Can’t you be…my real Grandma?”

Kazuya holds her mouth and thinks that she’s pressing too much. But then Grandma hits his hand, saying that he can’t just hold another girl’s mouth like that. Grandma invites Ruka to speak up her mind. And at that moment, Kazuya receives a message from Chizuru. He calls her and hands the phone to Grandma.

Chizuru: “It’s Chizuru. Chizuru Mizuhara.”


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