Kanojo Okarishimasu 83 Summary

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Chapter starts with Kazuya laying on his bed and staring at the picture he took together with Chizuru. He starts to think what he wants to do after remembering that Chizuru got her next role in a play and that she’s moving a step closer to her dream. He then get a call from his Grandma. She says that she’s conflicted whether they should have pizza or sushi for his birthday party tomorrow. She then asks when Chizuru’s birthday is.

Kazuya: “Ah…ehm…Chizuru’s birthday actually was….”

She gets vivid after she hears that. “You always hide the weirdest things! You lack the sense of danger that you won’t ever get another girlfriend if you miss out on her!!” She then chooses to have celebrate her birthday at the same time as Kazuya’s.

Kazuya throws something at Chizuru’s window to let her know he wants to talk to her. He asks if she’s free tomorrow around 5pm. Chizuru already sees through that it’s a Grandma related matter. Kazuya explains that tomorrow is his birthday and that Grandma intends to celebrate Chizuru’s birthday at the same day. Chizuru says that she to be there with her own Grandma around that time, but then says that she will have time from 6pm.

Chizuru: “I’m doing this for you. I told you I would be your girlfriend before I quit my rental girlfriend job. Happy Birthday.”

Kazuya gets a LINE call from Ruka and she congratulates him for his birthday.

Ruka: “We won’t be able to meet today but we will spend Sunday together, right?”

Kazuya recalls how troublesome it was when he told her that they can’t spend time together on his birthday.

Ruka: “It’s good that you get along with your family! And I’m also relaxed as long as Chizuru san won’t be with you. “

But then, Kazuya makes a suspicious reaction and Ruka senses something and hangs up. The next day, Ruka is waiting in front his apartment. “Well then, let’s go to your home. Kazuya kun.”


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