Kanojo Okarishimasu 82 Summary

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Chizuru slaps Kazuya in the face but then apologizes saying that it was reflex. 

Kazuya: “No I’m the one who’s to apologize. I got out of balance…!!”

He realizes that he touched something round but thinks that he probably didn’t touch it since Chizuru is acting normally. He tries to change the mood. He asks if something dangerous has happened to her as a rental girlfriend, but she said that nothing has happened and that they are all a gentleman.  

Chizuru: “Ah but one time…my customer said that he would show me his favourite picture and then opened up his smartphone and then it showed an adult content photo…That kinda was awkward.”

As Kazuya asks what she did, she says that he acted like she didn’t see it since it was an instant anyway. 

She says that she likes meeting new people and them changing from shy to talking more and hearing how they get a girlfriend, and that makes even her happy. 

Chizuru: “All I can do is to act but when I think about how this lie can make someone happy then it’s a beautiful moment. Sometimes I think it’s similar to the job of an actress…or maybe I don’t?”

Kazuya thinks that she’s amazing as he had thought. How positive she is and how much pride she for her job. 

As their time is almost up, Chizuru tells Kazuya that she got a call from a different director is currently practicing for his play. But as it’s a small play, she intends to continue her job as a rental girlfriend for now. 

Kazuya holds her hands firmly and is told by Chizuru that it hurt and that he doesn’t need to worry since she won’t suddenly disappear. But he says that he was just really happy since he knew how hard she has worked. 

Kazuya: (Mizuhara has come closer to her dream and anything else became irrelevant to me. I started to think if there is anything else I can do for Mizuhara till that day comes.)


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