Kanojo Okarishimasu 81 Summary

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Kazuya: “No no no no. Impossible impossible impossible impossible. What do you mean with a hot kiss. If I could do that then I wouldn’t be in so much trouble!! Before it gets awkward, I need to come up with something…!”

Chizuru stretches her hand and makes their hands kiss.

Kazuya is waiting for the purikura machine to print out the pictures. “Come come come come come come.”

Chizuru: “You look like a boxer waiting for his match.”

Kazuya is in tears thinking that he can even stare at Chizuru at home. Chizuru suddenly sits next to Kazuya and is panicking. She forces him to look at the two girls and he sees two high schoolers wearing the same uniform as Chizuru. As she doesn’t want to be seen by them, she pulls Kazuya away from that place. But he still hasn’t picked up the pictures and looks destroyed.

Kazuya’s next plan is to get on the ferris wheel and have a romantic time. This was his dream but once it became reality, he realizes how nervous he becomes. 

Chizuru: “Hey did you know this? The first ever ferris wheel carried 60 people.”

Kazuya: “She saw that I wasn’t saying anything so she created a topic to discuss…when I think of it. Anytime I was stuck with my speech today…she would bring up a topic like this…I told her to be like usual…and yet she’s still so professional…”

Chizuru says that a concert is happening down there and as Kazuya cannot see it from his seat, she makes room for him so he can see it. But then the ferris wheel moves unexpectedly, and Kazuya accidentally grabs her breast.

Editor’s note: “This sensation is…!!”

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