Kanojo Okarishimasu 80 Summary

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After they see Sumi, Chizuru hides and Kazuya says that there’s no need to hide, but Chizuru explains that it’s embarrassing to be seen by her with the clothes she’s wearing. Kazuya thinks that Sumi would blush seeing them like this and things would end up being weird so he agrees with Chuzuru for different reasons. As Sumi looks in a different direction, Chizuru pulls Kazuya out of there and they run away. Sumi seems to have realized something. 

Kazuya’s second date plan is to take a purikura together with Chizuru. 

Kazuya: “I don’t have any pictures with Mizuhara and if I can stare at her picture even at home then…there’s no bigger dream than that!!” He asks her to take a purikura with her and she says yes. Kazuya is troubled at what kind of option they should pick but then Chizuru picks the “boyfriend and girlfriend” option saying that they are dating right now and tells him not to hold himself back. The make various poses and the last one is a hugged picture and Chizuru opens her arms and says here. Kazuya panics and wonders if that is really right.

Chizuru: “Can you hurry up. A hug is normal and as long you don’t think too much about it then it’s nothing.” While hugging him, Chizuru is blushing. But once they face each other after the hug, Chizuru looks normal and Kazuya thinks “Woah she’s as usual. I feel like a fool thinking too much about it.”

The purikura machine “Now the last will be a passionate kiss from you two!!”

Kazuya: “What?!”


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