Kanojo Okarishimasu 79 Summary

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Kazuya is enjoying the sight he sees from Chizuru with her super short skirt.

Chizuru: “What do you wanna do from here on? Is it just me or are you staring at me the whole time?…You were the one who told me to wear it right? I will get mad if you say it looks strange.”

Kazuya has a date plan in his mind and asks Chizuru to hold hands with him. After staring at him suspiciously, Chizuru gives her hands and says, “Here!” Kazuya cleans his hands on his clothes and pulls her to a certain direction. 

Chizuru: “Hey! You don’t need to pull me like that. I will follow you.”

As usual the people around them are mesmerized by Chizuru and are jealous at Kazuya. 

Kazuya: “My youth has just started here…!!”

Kazuya’s second plan is to share food with Chizuru. So he only buys one item and gives it to her. Chizuru feels bad that she’s the only one eating so she asks if he wants to have a bite. 

Kazuya looks at his notes to remember what his next plan is.

Chizuru: “And? What do you wanna do next? You still have things you want to do right?”

Kazuya: “As expected, she knew it! So the thing just before was also…!!”

Chizuru: “You don’t need to strangely hide it from me. It’s not like I think it’s a bad thing to come up with a date plan. You don’t need to hold yourself back. Today I will be with you till the end.”

Kazuya thinks that Chizuru is behaving like usual yet she acts like a true professional. He wants to make this date as something he won’t ever forget. 

At the end, they find Sumi shopping.


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