Kanojo Okarishimasu 78 Summary

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Chapter starts with Kazuya receiving a call from Ruka. She’s laying on her bed and shares a funny story with her friend. Kazuya is eating and looks disinterested. 

Ruka: “Kazuya kun, you don’t seem full of energy today.”

Kazuya: “Eh ah no…it’s not like that…”

Ruka: “I’m sorry…about last time.”

Kazuya: “What?”

Ruka apologizes for her rude actions against his friend and says that her anger took the better of her. Kazuya says that she doesn’t need to worry about it and thinks that their relation was awkward already anyway. 

Ruka: “But…Ruka chan you’re wrong…Mami chan dosent care about it one bit.”

He thinks that Mami chan hates him now and he also feels that because Ruka said everything she did, he was able to move on completely this time. 

Ruka: “Well don’t worry. I won’t allow that you will ever feel lonely!”

Mami tweets at Kazuya’s family business’s twitter account. “I just followed you. I’m interested in Sake but I’m also interested in tweets related to your grandchild.” While tweeting that, her face looks ice cold. 

Kazuya recalls that Chizuru is free on 5/20 so he’s looking forward to see her. He doesn’t find Chizuru on the usual list but then sees that she moved up her rank to ‘regular class’. A year has passed already so she’s in the regular class category and will learn more as well. 

It’s the day of their date and he requested Chizuru to wear her old school uniform.

Kazuya: “You’re unexpectedly calm. Well…I thought you would call me creepy…”

Chizuru: “Well there are ocasionally people that request me to wear school uniforms as well.”

Kazuya: “I see!” (Geez…they’re bunch of perverts)

Chizuru: “Why are you also wearing your school uniform…”

Kazuya: “Well I thought I should wear it too…” (Anyway it has started…!! I wonder if my self will last…!!)

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