Kanojo Okarishimasu 77 Summary

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Chapter starts with a flashback between Kibe and Mami. She asked him who knows about Chizuru and Kazuya. He answers that his friends and his family. He then says that someone from his work also might know about it and that’s how she found out about his working place. 

Kibe: “Did I say something bad…? Whatever! It’s Kazuya’s problem anyway.”

Chizuru: “Ehm…it’s been a while…”

Mami smiles, “Have a seat.”

Mami asks if Chizuru is living close to here but Chizuru knows that she can’t tell it to her and says that she has some business here. Mami compliments Chizuru’s bag and asks if she bought it recently. 

Chizuru: ”Ah no…quite a while ago actually…“

Before Mami leaves, she asks, “are you still meeting with Kazu kun?”

Chizuru remembers the conversation she had with Mami and clearly answers. “Yes.”

Mami is by herself, “It’s decided. No mistake. That bag…belongs to Chizuru Mizuhara. It matches with the period when she bought it. She left it there? Would you just leave your bag somewhere? That day…she was at that place…? Whatever it is, their distance isn’t the one of a rental girlfriend. Then what’s up with that brat? She said she’s his girlfriend. She seems like to know about Mizuhara as well…He’s cheating? What’s going on? She must be on the followers list on his account” Mami unblocks Kazuya and finds Ruka’s profile but the account is locked. But Mami then finds the official account of Kazuya’s family business. She remembers Kibe’s words that his family know about their relationship. 

Mami: “His family huh…Fufufu.” 

Chapter ends with Mami following the account. 

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