Kanojo Okarishimasu 76 Summary

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Ruka: “That’s right! You’re his ex girlfriend right?! Too bad! I’m his current girlfriend!! That means that Kazuya kun is mine!!!”

Ruka says that Kazuya has zero remorse towards Mami and asks what she’s thinking to even come to his ex boyfriend’s working place and adds that Mami is the one who is remorseful.  

Mami says that it wasn’t her intention to act like that and asks why he would rent a rental girlfriend if he has a real one. 

Ruka is surprised that Mami knows about it and says that she allows him because of how broad her mind is. 

Kazuya: “I told you right. That was just for me to learn more about the society…”

As Mami leaves, Kazuya gets mad at Ruka but she cries and says that she’s Kazuya’s girlfriend and she loves him the most. 

Two guys hit on Mami but she just says, “Nuisance” and scare the two off. 

Mami: “What’s up with that brat. She’s insane. I heard from Kibe chan that he’s working but he has a girlfriend now?”

Mami wonders if the bag she once saw was Ruka’s or not. As the train arrives at the Sakuradai station, she thinks that it’s where Kazuya gets off and remembers Ruka’s words that she’s the one who’s being remorseful and thinks, “Why am I even thinking about such pointless things.”

At that moment Chizuru gets on the train and she holds the bag that Mami once saw. 

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