Kanojo Okarishimasu 75 Summary

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Kazuya is confused why she’s here and wonders if she heard from someone that he worked here. He asks her if she comes here often and Mami answers that she came here to write her essay. She heard from Kibe that Kazuya works here so she came here to tease him. 

Kazuya: “Haha don’t do it. (So it was Kibe as expected)” 

Mami says that she once came here with her friend and Kazuya thinks that he totally knows about it but can’t say it. 

As Ruka is about to talk to Mami, Kazuya gets in between them so they won’t start a conversation. 

But Ruka comes in the room and asks, “What’s your relationship status between the two of you?”

Mami: “What kind of a relationship…we’re just in the same class, right Kazu kun?”

Mami: “But why are you asking that? Ah! I get it. Ribbon chan, you like Kazu kun…!”

Ruka: “No it’s not just liking him but I’m his Gir…”

Kazuya seals her mouth and stops her from talking. He says that Ruka was forbidden to talk from the manager. 

Ruka recalls that he rented Chizuru because his girlfriend broke up with him and she thinks that Mami must be the ex girlfriend. 

Ruka: “Is Kazuya kun hiding our relationship because she’s his ex girlfriend…?! Does that mean she still has feelings for her?!”

Ruka now thinks that she’s on third place after Chizuru and Mami. 

Ruka: “No…this can’t…this can’t be it!!!”

Kazuya drags her out from the room but she pulls him back and says, “I’m his girlfriend!!! I’m Kazuya kun’s girlfriend.”


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