Kanojo Okarishimasu 74 Summary

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Kazuya wakes up the next morning and has sever headaches. He cannot remember what exactly happened yesterday, but he feels like that Chizuru was in his room. He thinks that he must have dreamt it and checks out the group chat from yesterday. Chizuru is in that group chat as well and he finds her personal Line account. 

Kazuya: “What is that…a cat?! Not sure but it looks super cute for some reason…is that Mizuhara’s shadow?! So cute- But is that ok?! Can I actually look at it?!”

He thinks about sending a friend request, but then imagines Chizuru saying, “What? Go die.”

He goes to school, but once he returns his headache got worse. Kazuya thinks that if he had a girlfriend then she would take care of him in moments like these. He opens up the fridge and finds a drink that has written, “You Drunk!” on it. He realizes that it wasn’t a dream after all. 

He’s at his work now and Ruka asks, “Don’t you have anything you want to say?“

She says that it should be about time that he got his resolve sorted out and that Chizuru wouldn’t interfere their relationship anymore considering she has heard about them spending a night together. 

Kazuya says that it’s not a problem anymore since Chizuru believed him that nothing has happened. 

Ruka: “Their distance is getting closer…!!”

Mami: “Ah hello Kazu kun!“

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