Kanojo Okarishimasu 73 Summary

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Chizuru helps Kazuya up and tries to take him to his room, but Kazuya falls down and slides down the stairs.

Chizuru: “Hey! Are you alright?”

Kazuya: “I’m alright alright.”

Chizuru: “You sure?! You’re bleeding there! Ah if you wipe it with your sleeves, it will stain.”

Kazuya: (Guooo!! It’s pathetic!! I can’t even get home without Mizuhara’s help. I made her go through the trouble at the drinking party and now I’m even causing more trouble to her. I wanna die…)

As Kazuya is laying on the ground, Chizuru asks for his keys. Kazuya acts all fine and tells her that she can go back to her room and he tries to unlock his door, but fails to do so. “Huh? No…was the hole this small…” Chizuru takes away his key and opens the door for him. Once they enter the room, Chizuru comments how messy his room is. She says that he needs to drink a lot of water and is about to leave the room. 

Kazuya: “I thought about it. I’ve been causing so much trouble to you Mizuhara…I thought that I need to protect Ichinose no matter what.”

Chizuru rubs Kazuya’s back as he’s throwing up. The next moment he leans towards Chizuru and she is surprised and is about to punch him but he’s asleep. 

Chizuru: “Geez…no alcohol for a while for you.”


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