Kanojo Okarishimasu 72 Summary

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Kazuya: “Her glasses are off…it’s clear that she’s Chizuru Mizuhara.”

Kazuya thinks she got busted but the others are drunk and don’t realize who she is, saying that she’s Suzu Hirose (famous Japanese actress) and tell her to bring her sister as well (who’s also a famous Japanese actress). 

Meanwhile, Kibe, who seems to be sober says, “She isn’t Suzu Hirose…You are…!! Minami Hanabe? (another famous Japanese actress).” Turns out Kibe is also drunk. 

Kazuya: “The drinking party is a chaos!! I’ve got no idea what will happen next!! I’ve to overcome this somehow!!”

They start to play a drinking game and Chizuru ends up drinking a whole glass and Kazuya is worried that Chizuru will get drunk too and lose her calmness. He intentionally loses the round and ends up being the one drinking. 

They are saying bye to each other but the guys want to go to another place. Kazuya who is wasted says he will go home. 

Kazuya: “This is bad…I feel sick…!! I was just fine minutes ago…but I’m getting more and more drunk…When I think of it, I experienced something like this before too…Because of me, Mizuhara always gets into trouble…She must be mad at me…Mizuhara…This is bad, the world looks like it’s circling…Ouch!! My body is heavy…this is seriously bad…!! I can’t get back to home…”

Someone pulls his sleeves and Chizuru is sitting right next to him. 


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