Kanojo Okarishimasu 71 Summary

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Kazuya panics once he sees Chizuru and wonders why she’s here, but then recalls that she was saying that she will have a birthday party with her friends soon. Kazuya: “Is that today?!”

The dude with the mohawk asks if they know each other, and Kazuya answers that the people here are the ones they met at the beach last time. 

They are all drinking and the mohawk guy tells Chizuru that she’s really quiet. Her friend says she never sees Chizuru around with guys and then touches her breasts saying, “It’s such a shame considering you have good things.”

Another one of Chizuru’s friend: “But didn’t you have a meet up on Christmas?” That friend calls Chizuru by her first name and now Kibe says it’s the same name as Kazuya’s girlfriend. Kazuya ignores that and starts an entirely different conversation, hoping that they would ignore that part. But the girls are now interested and ask about his girlfriend. Kibe says that she’s super cute and the perfect girlfriend. He then mentions that her birthday was also last week. The girls continue with the questions. 

Kazuya: “Let this be over soon!! let this be over soon! Let this be over soon! Let this be over soon!!”

Then Chizuru’s friend Yuuki takes Chizuru’s glasses away and says that Chizuru is cute with her glasses. 

Kazuya: “This is…!!”

Kibe: “What?”

Editor’s note: “Has Kibe now realized the secret?”

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