Kanojo Okarishimasu 70 Summary

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Kazuya is on his balcony the next morning and Chizuru comes out of her room. 

Kazuya: “Was it a bad choice after all?! I mean I gave someone as beautiful as her a gift one would give to old people. There’s also the chance that she hates Umeboshi. She may be angry because she thought it as troublesome.”

Chizuru thanks her, and Kazuya gives her an extensive explanation of why he chose that present. He asks if it was delicious and she answers it tasted great. 

He also addresses the matter with Ruka, and Chizuru answers, “I will believe you so be quiet.”

Kazuya: “I’m so glad.“

Kazuya is at his university and talks with his friends. Kibe asks how the sex with Chizuru is, and Kazuya thinks that it’s already been a year so he cannot say no, so he answers it’s alright. 

Kazuya: (I’m sorry Mizuhara. I’ve yet again made you dirty.)

Kazuya meets with Kibe to drink with other people, and once he meets with the girls that are there, Chizuru is present. 


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