Kanojo Okarishimasu 69 Summary

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Kazuya asks why she told him to wait, but she doesn’t answer. 

Kazuya: “She won’t say anything…she told me to wait and says no words?! But her face looks super red so she wants to say something right…?“

He asks if she forgot something or if the money wasn’t enough, but she just shakes her head. 

Sumi: “I also…want to know…Kazuya kun’s birthday…” He says it’s on the 1st of June. Sumi just stares at Kazuya, as the light has turned green, she runs away and waves at Kazuya. She records Kazuya’s birthday on her calendar and looks happy. 

 Kazuya still doesn’t understand what that was about, and he sees high school students and how one of them got a birthday gift from her boyfriend, and Kazuya looks down, still not sure what he should get for Chizuru. 

Chizuru is talking to her grandmother on her phone. She hangs up saying that she wants to take a bathe. She sees a birthday message from the girl that got the role last time. Chizuru recalls what happened last time, but she shakes it off and thanks her. She goes to her balcony and sees a gift for her. There’s a letter stating, “You’ve been doing a lot for him lately, and I even got a smartphone case from you as well. As you are aiming to become an actress and work hard for that, I heard that this helps to recover from all the fatigue. I hoped this would help you out.” She opens up the box and finds ‘umeboshi’ inside it. Kazuya writes, PS: I really didn’t have sex with Ruka chan!

Chizuru: “Geez. You’re dumb.”

She eats the umeboshi and says, “It’s so sour. Haaa…time to make rice!”

Meanwhile Kazuya, “Guooooh! Mizuhara must be reading it right now! Was gifting umeboshi a bad idea? What even was the right answer!”

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