Kanojo Okarishimasu 68 Summary

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Sumi has taken Kazuya to a mall and he’s confused what her intentions are. They are in the elevator and head towards the highest floor of the mall. Kazuya asks what she wants to do, but she only gives a body language answer and he doesn’t grasp it. Turns out there is a hero show going on right now on the highest floor and Sumi seems to love it. He thinks that Sumi may have forgotten their discussion about the gift. The hero with the pink suit is doing some cool moves and Kazuya is impressed, but once that hero speaks, Kazuya recognizes that voice. Sumi nods and it turns out that pink hero is Chizuru. Kazuya now understands that Sumi brought him to this place so he could gain some new ideas for the present. 

As their renting period finishes, they are saying bye to each other and Sumi writes on her phone, “Presents aren’t about the content but the feeling. I would be happy with anything as long as I understand the feelings attached to the gift.” Kazuya thanks her and walks away, but Sumi recalls Kazuya’s words, “Don’t give up!” and blushingly, she holds Kazuya’s hands. 

Chapter ends. 

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