Kanojo Okarishimasu 67 Summary

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Sumi recalls Kazuya’s words to Chizuru few chapters ago, “So, don’t say that you want to give up!!”

Kazuya thinks that the 2 hours plan is long so he can talk about Chizuru at the end. He knows he cannot talk about things like that to Ruka. The people around them think that Sumi is cute and Kazuya is getting nervous looking at her. As he’s attracted by her, he pinches his cheeks and tells himself not to get attracted by another girl. They are taking a purikura together, and internally, Kazuya wants to show off to his friends that Sumi is his girlfriend with those pictures. 

Sumi hands off a hat to Kazuya and he asks if it suits or not. Sumi answers, blushingly, that he looks cool. 

Kazuya: “But right now, it felt like she’s my girlfriend…she’s making progress step by step…I also gotta make progress…”

As an hour has passed, Kazuya tells Sumi that today is Chizuru’s birthday. Chizuru is doing a lot for him so he wants to return the favour and gift her a present, so he asks if she knows anything that would make Chizuru happy. She thinks about it carefully, and looks disappointed. She suddenly stands up and says that Chizuru must like “Sangokushi”. But he thinks that it isn’t really suited for presents, and Sumi cries. She recovers and says flowers would be good. He imagines about it, but he thinks that he cannot pull that off. 

Kazuya: “Sorry! I’m really an idiot right? Thinking too much about you know…I know it…Mizuhara is really popular so she probably won’t think much about it when she receives a present from me…but even, I still can’t just gift her random things.”

Sumi once again stands up and pulls Kazuya to a certain direction.


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