Kanojo Okarishimasu 65 Summary

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Kazuya is confused why Ruka is laying behind him, and he is having a boner again. He thinks that masturbating once wasn’t enough. His conscience is melting and he cannot resist his instincts.  But at that moment, he sees the phone cover Chizuru gave to him and remembers her.

Ruka: “Do you remember? What I said at the hotel? I already know it. Even though I said such things, I don’t have the attractiveness that you desire…I’m not an adult like Chizuru and don’t have the sexiness she has…you likely see me as a child who is stretching…I know that I’m trouble to you…you may even find me creepy…But I can’t endure it…even if you think of me as a creepy or poor person…being in this place with you makes me so happy that it makes me cry…”

Kazuya holds her down and says it is not the case that she is not attractive and he wants to have sex with her. He thinks that Ruka is really cute and that he’s doing his best to restrain his instincts. But this isn’t really love to him, and doing anything to her with that kind of feeling isn’t right to him. She isn’t any trouble to him and he’s happy that someone as cute as her says that she likes him.

Kazuya: “And that’s why…can’t you just go back to your bed…otherwise, I will have sex with you…”

Ruka blushes and walks back to her bed. Kazuya: “Why am I wasting my chance like that…”

Ruka is about to go home and she says that she was happy hearing those words from Kazuya yesterday. It felt like he said that she’s allowed to be here. She kisses Kazuya’s cheeks and screams, “Well then Kazuya kun! Thank you so much!!! Thanks to your generous leading skills, I was able to spend an unforgettable night yesterday!!”

Kazuya looks at Chizuru’s room, and thinks that she’s still asleep. “That was close…”

But it turns out that Chizuru was right in front of her door, and heard all of that.

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