Kanojo Okarishimasu 64 Summary

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Kazuya is drinking tea and Ruka appears with changed clothe. She only wears a T-shirt, and Kazuya spits out his tea. He asks her to wear pants, but Ruka says she only has running wear left and it isn’t cute. She’s wearing Kazuya’s T-shit. Ruka is speaking too loudly, so Kazuya holds her mouth. She interprets that as Kazuya being worried Chizuru will hear them. He says it’s because a bother to his other neighbours. 

Kazuya: (If Mizuhara finds out that Ruka chan slept over here…!!)

Ruka: OK I got it! I guess it’s a step progress for being able to sleep over here as your girlfriend. Today, I will be obedient to the landlord…OK!

Ruka always emphasizes her last word loudly, and Kazuya is forced to close her mouth every time. He says he will go take a bath. He gets out and sees Ruka using TikTak. She gets lots of views, and he thinks it’s because she’s cute.

Kazuya: Every time I see Ruka chan she always wore clothe for going out on a date. It’s the first time seeing her in relaxed clothing…

She wants to take out the purikura she took with her friends out of her bag, but she accidentally also takes out the condoms she brought with her. Time freezes and both are blushing. 

Ruka: P…please act like you didn’t see it…just being careful if it happens…if…

Kazuya: I will sleep!!! (I can’t endure this!!!)

He wonders if she has fallen asleep, and is glad that he masturbated before. As he’s no sage, he doesn’t know if would have been able to hold himself back. He wonders why Ruka suddenly became so aggressive with her methods. At that moment, something is touching his back. He first thinks it’s wind, but he’s sure there’s some clear sensation. 

Ruka: Kazuya kun…


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