Kanojo Okarishimasu 63 Summary

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Ruka says that as his girlfriend, he cannot ignore his bad nutrition, and she will cook for him at his place. They are shopping ingredients together, but Kazuya isn’t sure if Ruka will go home or not after the dinner. But if it’s just eating dinner, then it may not too bad. Ruka is buying all kinds of ingredients so Kazuya asks what she’s planning to cook. She says curry, and Kazuya says that some of the ingredients she’s buying isn’t even needed. 

They get to his place and Ruka immediately locks the door, but Kazuya tells her that his neighbourhood is safe and that he usually keeps the lock open during the noon. She finds beer in the fridge and puts that in the pot as well. She said that she forgot to get cooking sake, so she used beer instead. He finds her notebook where she has written down the recipes. He suspects that Ruka planned this all out and that him losing weight was also a lie.

Ruka: Whaat? Not too sure about that. Maybe I just gained weight. 

Kazuya feels kinda happy that Ruka put so much effort and appreciates her. They finish eating, and he sees Ruka texting someone. He can see that she texted her mother saying that she will sleep at her friend’s house. Kazuya asks why she’s texted that, and Ruka answers that he’s just imagining it. 

Ruka: What’s wrong about!! I also forgave you to go on a date with Chizuru san!! I mean…I am your girlfriend…I also want to spend time with you like a girlfriend…!!

He still asks her to go home, but it’s raining outside. He checks the forecast and it says that a typhoon is nearing. Ruka smiles and closes the door. 


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