Kanojo Okarishimasu 62 Summary

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Chapter starts with Kazuya using the printer, but the only thing that is in his mind is Chizuru. He thinks that he’s at his limit. He sighs and thinks that his true feelings are leaking out although Chizuru is just a rental girlfriend. But he realized one mysterious thing, and that is that Chizuru probably has realized about his feelings towards her. The basic premise of their relationship is that both of them won’t have feelings towards each other. So him breaking that could cause Chizuru to tell her office about it and they may stop allowing Kazuya to rent Chizuru again. But she hasn’t done so Kazuya wonders why she is so kind to him. 

Kazuya: “What the hell am I thinking!! She finally acknowledged me as her neighbour…Ha…this is all because you are so cute Mizuhara.”

As he’s thinking about it, Mami appears and he starts to panic. 

Mami: “Can I have a second?“

Mami: “I heard it from Chizuru san. She’s a rental girlfriend, right? Hm? Why aren’t you surprised?”

Kazuya: “Ahh…Chizuru already told me about it!”

Kazuya thinks that Mami perhaps came to see him to criticize him for deceiving everyone, and he expects hell to start. But instead, she asks if him renting a rental girlfriend is her fault. Kazuya is surprised that Mami isn’t angry at him, and he answers that it’s not her fault and he merely rents her out of curiosity. He thinks that she won’t believe her if he were to tell the truth anyway. But he still wants to clarify one thing. 

Kazuya: “Ehm…I’m seriously sorry for lying…I’m the one who’s an idiot for introducing her to everyone else…So you know…Don’t say anything bad about Mizuhara…”

Mami: “Kauz kun don’t tell me that you actually like her, right?”

He says that’s not the case, and Mami answers that Kazuya may be pure but he isn’t an idiot, so she apologizes for being suspicious. 

Mami: “Dazu kun…you only have your life once…It’s a waste of time if you don’t make a real girlfriend and have fun!”

As Mami walks away, Kazuya thinks that she was a lot kinder than he had expected, but he tells himself that she can’t find out that he actually still continues to rent Chizuru. 

Mami saw through all the lies Kazuya made. She still thinks about the handbag, but she’s also aware that it could have belonged to someone else. She sees Kibe and approaches him. 

Kazuya is with Ruka and says that he has lost weight, but Kazuya isn’t really listening. 

Ruka: “Already! It’s decided!! I will cook for you today!”


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