Kanojo Okarishimasu 61 Summary

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When Chizuru was young, her father left the house. And then Chizuru, her mother, and her grandparents lived together. But then soon after, her mother passed away. And once she got into high school, her grandfather passed away as well. So her only family member she has left is her grandmother.

Kazuya: “When I think about it…there was no trace of her family…“

Chizuru: “For me to become an actress was a promise with my grandfather.”

To be on the big screen, and to show that to her grandmother is her dream. She asks if he’s creeped out considering that the person he paid to go on a date is nothing special in reality, and an unsuccessful actress. She apologizes for wasting his time today.

Kazuya explains that he has been privileged. Every time he goes home, they get happy and cook a meal for him, and even his strict looking grandmother has been treasuring him. But on the downside, he sometimes feels that he can see the picture of his future. As he was born in this family, he has the responsibility to inherit their business. So looking at Chizuru makes him think how cool she is.

Kazuya: “I…”want to see it. From the bottom of my heart, I want to see you fulfilling your dream. And that’s why I want to be on your side. I want.. to be on your side…forever…Is that…no good…?

Chizuru says there’s no way that she would feel bad when someone says that they want to be beside her, and that’s the role of a rental girlfriend after all.

Kazuya looks happy hearing that. They are in their college right now, and Kazuya accidentally stopped walking. He wants to pretend like he doesn’t know her, but Chizuru slightly waves her hands, and Kazuya looks like the happiest man. Mami is emotionless looking at that scene from the back.


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