Kanojo Okarishimasu 60 Summary

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Chizuru asks why he won’t open the door, and Kazuya quickly tells her to be quiet. He explains that it’s Mami. Chizuru is surprised, and asks if they were supposed to meet. Kazuya answers there’s no way and that he never came to this place. Although he may have told her his address. Chizuru thinks it’s bad if she sees them together like this.

Kazuya: “Why? For what reason? Why did she come to my place?! She never came here even though I’ve invited…so why now?!”

They decide that they will pretend like he isn’t here. Mami realizes that the key isn’t locked, and open the door. Kazuya and Chizuru hide in the kitchen.

Mami: Kazu kun? You aren’t here? The key is unlocked. He went shopping? How careless are you…

Kazuya: We’re…done…

To their surprise, Mami decides to go home, instead of further entering the room.

Chizuru asks why she came here in the first place. Kazuya says even he doesn’t know it.

Kazuya: Mami chan still doesn’t know that I overheard the conversation between the two fo you…so maybe she came here to ask about that…

Chizuru: Anyway, I was careless! Why did I enter your room! I will never come here again!

Kazuya: W…wait! Mami chan may still be outside…!

Mami wonders if Kazuya went shopping, but it doesn’t make sense to her that he would go out without turning the light off and leaving the key unlocked, but she thinks that it’s possible as well. She plans to call him, but then recalls the room’s scene. She recalls that there was a handbag.

Chizuru is standing and looks calm. She says she will go home now. They first look if Mami is still there or not. They then see that the landlord is home, so Chizuru leaves Kazuya’s room.

Kazuya recalls Chizuru’s grandmother to help Chizuru out, and says, “If anything happens, then tell me OK!”

Kazuya: “Lots can happen in life, so if you ever have a moment where you can’t rely on your parents or friends, then I as your neighbour want to be as helpful as I can!”

Chizuru: “I don’t have it…I don’t have parents…”

Kazuya: “What?”

Inserted text: “Mizuhara, starts to talk about herself.”

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