Kanojo Okarishimasu 59 Summary

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Chizuru: I lost my key……

Kazuya: What? Your keys? I s…see…That’s bad!

Chizuru: Yes…

Kazuya can’t believe that someone like Chizuru would lose her keys. He doesn’t understand what her intentions are.

Kazuya: (What? And that’s why she rung the bell? What’s she trying to say?! Is she…expecting something from me?!)

Chizuru: Can I come in?

Kazuya: What?

Chizuru enters the room, and takes off her shoes. Kazuya looks shocked. She explains that the landlord won’t be back till tomorrow morning. She called the real estate company, but they are closed at this time. She believes that she must have lost her keys at the batting centre. She called them too, but they are also closed.

Chizuru: I’m sick of it. Sorry, were you about to sleep?

Kazuya: Ah..no! I’m a night owl!

Chizuru: I see. Good to hear.

Kazuya: It’s clear now! She can’t get in her room=nowhere to go till tomorrow morning. I’m the only neighbour!! There’s only one conclusion to be reached!!! She plans to spend the whole night in my room! It’s clear. It’s clear now!!! Kazuya isn’t sure if he can ask Chizuru whether she wants to sleep in his room or not. As he’s about to ask, Chizuru goes to the veranda. She says that she believes she did close her windows, but wants to check just in case. She can’t see things quite well and wants to move a bit more forward, and because of that she slips is about fall down, but Kazuya grabs her button.

Chizuru: Hey where are you touching!!

Kazuya: You were close to falling down…!!

Chizuru: If you wanted to hold me, there must have been other parts to hold! Hip! My hip!

Kazuya: Hip…is this your hip?! (Even touching her hip is crazy!!)

Chizuru: I already saw it! I saw it so let me go!!

Kazuya is panicking and reaffirms how cute Chizuru is.

Kazuya: You idiot! You will be punched again at this rate…!

Chizuru: Move…Please move…

As there’s an awkward silence, someone rings the bell. Kazuya checks who it is and it’s Mami.

“The worst ex girlfriend, Mami appears!”


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