Kanojo Okarishimasu 58 Summary

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Kazuya gets scared thinking that Chizuru’s grandmother may have discovered their secret, but he thinks that there’s no way since they have been careful. But she’s also Chizuru’s grandmother so she may be clever enough to see through their lies. 

Grandma: By the way, I was told that you have visited Chizuru’s recent play? How was it?

Kazuya explains that it was amazing and he has seen a different side of Chizuru this time. Grandma asks if he told that to Chizuru, to which he answers yes. 

Grandma: She must have been happy. Since she was a child, it made her so happy when someone praised her acting skills. 

Kazuya: Chizuru is seriously amazing. Strong…conscious…I’m always the one being helped out. 

Grandma laughs out loud, and asks, “Strong you say? That Chizuru is strong?”

She explains that when Chizuru was young she was often ended up crying because of kids older than her. So she always said that she’s lonely and would smug inside her Grandma’s blanket. After hearing that, Kazuya imagines the same scenario with Chizuru. 

Grandma: An old grandmother like me will probably see her final day tomorrow…That’s right…I will die tomorrow…

After she sees Kazuya panicking, she says, “Just kidding.” She then says that she believes that Kazuya will become a big man one day. 

She goes on to say that Kazuya is the one who is a lot stronger than Chizuru. What defines the potential/vessel of a person is even when you are hurt, you still have the character to be touched by someone’s amazingness. And for that reason alone, Kazuya is already a big man. 

Grandma: Chizuru isn’t too good at accepting at her own weakness. She desperately hides her weak self with an arbor that she’s strong. In that sense, she’s a talented actress. But there will be a day where she will need someone that accepts her true side. So…please…please…take good care of Chizuru. 

Kazuya sees her trembling. He realizes that she doesn’t wish any random boyfriend for her grandchild. He thinks that he can’t irresponsibly say that he will be forever by her side, but one thing he can say is, “I love her. I love her a lot!” She says hearing that alone is enough, and then she jokes again that she will die tomorrow. 

Kazuya and Chizuru arrive at their home, and moments later, Chizuru is in front of Kazuya’s room. He isn’t sure why she’s here. 

Chizuru: I have lost my keys…


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