Kanojo Okarishimasu 55 Summary

Kanojo Okarishimasu 55 Summary was translated by BakaData

Kazuya’s father recalls the scene of the money transaction he witnessed between Kazuya and Chizuru. He’s in front of Kazuya’s apartment now. He rings the doorbell and Kazuya is surprised seeing his father. Kazuya isn’t sure why he’s here and wonders if he has done something.

Kazuya: “Why are you visiting me all of a sudden?! Did your shop go bankrupt? Just kidding…”

Kazuya’s father: “Kazuya, isn’t there something you need tell me…?”

Kazuya panics after hearing that, and thinks that his father found out his secret with Chizuru. He acts like he doesn’t what the matter is. But his father brings up Chizuru’s name. Kazuya’s father says that they already have been dating for almost a year now.

Kazuya’s father: “Are things going well with her? You aren’t causing any troubles to her?”

Kazuya is getting pale after receiving those comments, and says that he’s the one who’s troubled since Chizuru loves him too much. Kazuya wonders how his father found it out.

Kazuya: “How did he found it out? Kibe?! Kuri?! Ruka chan?! I can’t hide my nervousness!! I’ve seriously not idea what dad is thinking…!!!”

His father suddenly stands up and punches Kazuya.

Kazuya’s father: “How can you borrow money from your girlfriend!!! I saw you when you received money from Chizuru san. Someone who’s using his parent’s money to go to school is now taking advantage of Chizuru san’s kindness!!! And you decided to hide that from your parents!! I can’t recall raising a scum like you!! Be embarrassed you fool!!!”

Kazuya: “I’m sorry…” (I’m safe…)

Kazuya’s father gives him 20million Japanese ten. But Kazuya gets mad and says he has already returned that money to her, and says that his feelings towards Chizuru are real.

As his father leaves, Chizuru comes home. She asks what has happened, and Kazuya explains everything to her and that their secret is still safe.

Chizuru: “In regards to last time…thank you…I may looks like a fool, but I was happy when you said that I’m talented…It was the first time hearing that directly from someone…” As she says that, Kazuya stares at Chizuru’s cleavage and she slaps him.

Kazuya: “Ouch! Don’t hit me in the same area!!”

Chizuru: “You’re the worst! Stop staring me like that!”

Kazuya: “No…I didn’t it see anything…OK I kinda did…”


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