Kanojo Okarishimasu 54 Summary

Kanojo Okarishimasu 54 Summary was translated by BakaData

Chapter starts with the description of what a rental girlfriend is. Being shy is something that is not allowed and one must fulfill the imagination of her customer. And knowing very well that this battlefield doesn’t suit her, one hero confronts it, and her name Sumi Sakurasawa (first year college student)

Sumi wakes up 4am in the morning, and does a bit of Shodo, and then takes her dog to a walk. A senior always greets her, but Sumi being so shy, she looks down and hasn’t managed to greet him back yet. She then goes to college, taking a class about international communication.

She usually has two appointments per week. She doesn’t have any customers she particularly dislikes, but she absolutely haters herself for not being able to speak. She’s also looking up to Chizuru.

During a date, she recalls Kazuya’s words that it’s wrong to think that someone as kind as her isn’t suited to be a rental girlfriend, she feels encouraged and holds the customer’s hand.

Cusotmer: “Thanks for today. It was really fun! You don’t really speak anything, but you know, I’m quite shy and I’m also afraid of talking to people, even more so with girls. I didn’t expect to meet a girl like you! I made the right choice to book a date with you! See you again!”

Apparently, because of Kazuya, she has changed a bit. As she’s walking home, she hears Kazuya talking to Chizuru, saying that she is nothing like him (the scene from 2 chapters ago) . She overhears their conversation and hides from them.

“This feeling she has may be unworthy of a professional.”


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