Kanojo Okarishimasu 53 Summary​

Kanojo Okarishimasu 53 Summary​ was translated by BakaData

After Kazuya tells Chizuru that they aren’t the same, he promises her that he will rent her next week, and the week after that, and the week after that as well. Chizuru asks him how much he thinks that will cost him. But Kazuya doesn’t care. He says he will earn the money through his work again. In order to rent Chizuru again, he will work everyday.

Kazuya: “Don’t be an idiot! You and I aren’t the same at all!! You’re giving your best everyday, right?! Living in a trash apartment, going to school, and then working as a rental girlfriend to support yourself…First and foremost, how can you say that you’re talentless if you can act as my girlfriend in front of Grandma so perfectly!!! Didn’t I tell you?! The play today was amazing!! You were the best Mizuhara…So please don’t say that you want to give up!!!”

After Kazuya’s speech, people around them are thinking that they are fighting. Chizuru stamps on Kazuya, saying that he shouldn’t promise things he can’t fulfill.

Chizuru is at home now and Umi calls her. Chizuru says she had to go as she was called by her Grandmother. Shiori (the protagonist that got the role) is with Umi, and she thanks Chizuru, saying that the success this time is because of Chizuru.

While Chizuru makes an emotionless expression, she smiles and says, “Yeah! Yeah! I had lots of fun too! I hope we will perform together at some point again! Yeah, see ya!”

Chizuru sits on her floor, and looks at her file. Her countless notes emphasizing points like “Speak loudly here! Have the right tempo! Tumble! Nod here!” are visible, but what stands out the most is the part she highlighted, “Don’t get in Shiori chan’s way”.

It looks like she’s crying, and at that moment, she receives an e-mail. It’s an e-mail notifying her that a customer (Kazuya) has booked a date with her. She recalls Kazuya’s words “So please don’t say that you want to give up!!” She receives more e-mails notifying that Kazuya has booked a date with her.

Chizuru: “Idiot. That’s way too much.”


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