Kanojo Okarishimasu 52 Summary

Kanojo Okarishimasu 52 Summary was translated by BakaData

The director and the staff are complimenting Chizuru, saying she was impressive.

Director: “I’m amazed how much you have improved within a year. Did you do some secret training?”

Chizuru says she tries to act like she’s someone else on a daily basis. The director says that she should be the one to get the role. Chizuru humbly answers that’s not the case, but she seems satisfied looking at her note saying “The goal for this play: Don’t leave any regrets.” At that moment, Chizuru overhears a conversation. The protagonist girl from the play talks with the prestigious director. The other actors say that she has been chosen for the role. Apparently, they know each other since she was in elementary school. The other actors say that’s unfair. Chizuru looks shocked, and she angrily holds her files. She walks away, and Umi asks if she won’t participate in the party.

Chizuru: “Sorry! I will call you tomorrow again.”

Kazuya is in a cafe by himself, and he assume that Chizuru got the role, so she will quit her rental girlfriend job. He bumps against someone, and it turns out it’s Chizuru. She realizes that he came to see her play. She complains that she feels bad thinking about her other customers. Kazuya apologizes, but compliments her saying that it was really really good. But Chizuru says that she didn’t get the role, and Kazuya is confused and asks why.

Chizuru: “It’s because I didn’t have enough talents..” She says that nothing can be done about it, and she still has another chance next time. As Chizuru says that this also means she can continue being a rental girlfriend for a while, Kazuya thinks it’s the worst since he finds himself happy.

Chizuru says that she’s no different to Kazuya. But Kazuya screams, “There’s no way that you and I are the same!”

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