Kanojo Okarishimasu 51 Summary

Kanojo Okarishimasu 51 Summary was translated by BakaData

Sumi looks like she wants to talk to Kazuya, but the buzzer signals the beginning of the play, so she doesn’t say anything and quietly sits on her seat. Kazuya recalls Chizuru’s words saying that she will quit her rental girlfriend job. Kazuya thinks that if this play goes successfully for Chizuru, then their relationship may also finish.

Kazuya: “I may be here to see off our end right now.”

The girl acting as the princess appears, and Kazuya realizes that Chizuru is not the main character as he had assumed. He wonders what kind of role Chizuru has. Umi appears, and Kazuya is shocked that he is also involved in this play. Umi calls for Onene, and Chizuru appears in the role of a ninja. As Chizuru is acting different than usually, Kazuya feels a bit awkward watching her, so much that he can’t focus on the play.

The audience are laughing at the jokes Chizuru’s role is playing. Even Kazuya to laugh, and he starts to enjoy the play.

Kazuya: “You’re incredible Mizuhara. She’s obviously standing out…!! Is it because of the script…No…It’s because Mizuhara’s expression and the tempo she acts. And that is what attracts the audience…!!” Kazuya is amazed at Chizuru’s acting skills. After the play finishes, Kazuya realizes that even though Chizuru is not the protagonist, it is obvious to everyone that she stood out the most.

As everyone is going home, Sumi wants to approach Kazuya, but after looking at Kazuya’s expression, she smiles and walks away.

Kazuya looks stunned.


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