Kanojo Okarishimasu 50 Summary

Kanojo Okarishimasu 50 summary was translated by BakaData

​Chizuru asks what Kazuya means by “I want you”.

Kazuya: “You’re my ‘girlfriend’ right? Although the word rental comes before it. So what I mean is that I would rather rent you as my rental girlfriend. I kinda feel lonely that you’re going to quit…”

Chizuru says he shouldn’t have phrased it in such a awkward way. Kazuya apologizes, and thinks that his mouth slipped. Chizuru explains that the only reason for starting the rental job was to train her acting skills, so once her job as an actress increases, she will have to quit the rental business. Kazuya says he understands and gets back to his room. He lays on the ground and regrets that his mouth slipped. But he thinks that he seriously loves Chizuru.

Kazuya: “But instead, what became clear this time is that Mizuhara is a really good person…and that she doesn’t really like me…”

Chizuru: “What was that about…Idiot”

Kazuya thinks that the countdown for destruction has ticked off, and that he has to tell his grandmother that he broke up with Chizuru. But remembering his grandmother crying out of happiness, he just can’t do it. He thinks that it’s fine to tell her once Chizuru has officially quit her job. He searches for Chizuru’s acting job, and finds her next stage job. Going to the theatre, he sees all kinds of goods of Chizuru and is impressed that she has been working so hard while going to college.

As he gets into the hall, he sees someone who is respected by others, and remembers Chizuru’s words that this time a major director will come to see her on the stage. He feels like he came to watch the end of him and Chizuru. And right behind him is Sumi.


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