Kanojo Okarishimasu 49 Summary

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​Chizuru stops Mami from leaving as she isn’t done talking yet. Chizuru tells Mami that she needs to think about Kazuya.

Chizuru: “As a rental girlfriend, I know it! A person’s feelings of love is extremely precious! To actually fall in love with someone is difficult!! Have you ever truly thought about Kazuya san’s feelings? Have you ever thought about his love? Have you ever thought that this person may be the one who will make me happy?”

Mami says Chizuru is being annoying, and that this problem is a matter between her and Kazuya and none of Chizuru’s business. Chizuru looks down, and has an awkward expression. Meanwhile, Kazuya is crying. Chizuru just came back to her apartment, but Kazuya is standing in her way.

Kazuya says thanks, and confesses that he saw everything that happened between her and Mami. Chizuru is shocked, and Kazuya explains that the Karaoke station they went to is the place he works at.

Kazuya: “Thank you..Ehm…for saying the things you said since coward me couldn’t do it…”

Chizuru apologizes to Kazuya, saying that she failed to get him a girlfriend. He doesn’t understand why Chizuru is the one apologizing. He thinks that he loves Chizuru. He likes her back hair. He likes her white skinned legs. She may seem cold, but is actually generous. She may be tough on others, but she thinks about everyone more than anyone else.

Kazuya thinks that, “No matter how annoying I may be…I end up thinking about it…Everytime I look at you…I think how happy it must be if you were my girlfriend.”

Chizuru says as his rental girlfriend, she will continue to try her best so he and Mami will become a couple again.

Kazuya: “I WANT YOU!! YOU!!!”

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