Kanojo Okarishimasu 48 Summary

Kanojo Okarishimasu 48 Summary was translated by BakaData.com

​Both Chizuru and Mami are about to leave the Karaoke station. Kazuya realizes that Mami found out about the truth, and looks depressed. Ruka is curious what is going on, but Kazuya apologizes and wants to be left alone. He thinks that Mami is criticizing Chizuru, but if anyone should be criticized, then he says it’s him.

Kazuya: “What the hell. Mizuhara is dating me because she empathized with my situation. If anything, she’s the VICTIM! I can’t leave…Mizuhara alone…!!”

He drinks from a water bottle, and he pinches his throat. He pukes. His boss sees that, and asks if he isn’t feeling too well.

Kazuya: “I’m sorry…my body suddenly fell ill…”

He is sent home, as his boss believes Kazuya is sick. Kazuya runs, looking for Chizuru and Mami.

Kazuya: “I’m sorry Mizuhara…I’m sorry!!!”

He finds them, and sneaks behind them, so they won’t see him. Mami apologizes for suddenly calling her, but she says that a girl renting her is allowed. She further says not to misunderstand her intentions. She isn’t discriminating against her job, after finding out the secret, not saying anything would be weird as well. Mami won’t tell anyone at their university. She only wanted to know about rental girlfriends are about.

Mami: “I was able to see you what I wanted, and I also had fun. You’re cute Chizuru san, so I’m sure the guys must be happy. See you.”

Chizuru stops Mami, and asks what her true feelings are towards Kazuya. She explains that Kazuya is still not able to forget her, and considers her to be a special person.

Chizuru: “I’m sure…even now, you’re in Kazuya san’s mind.”

Without answering Chizuru’s question, Mami asks what her true feelings are. She wonders while being his rental girlfriend, if Chizuru actually happened to fall in love with him. Chizuru answers that Kazuya is her boyfriend.

Mami: “Hmm…What a beautiful way to dodge the question.”

As Mami tries to walk away, Chizuru stops her, and says, “Our talk hasn’t ended yet!!”

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