Kanojo Okarishimasu 112 Summary

Kanojo Okarishimasu 112 Summary was translated by BakaData.com

Chapter starts with Chizuru visiting her grandma in the hospital. She tells her about the movie she’s planning to create. Grandma laughs and assumes that it must have been Kazuya’s ideas and of course supports her. Chizuru: “Why did she know that it was his idea.”

Grandma: “Fufufu I see. I’m looking forward to that. We must be thankful to kazuya kun…”

Chizuru asks what she thought when Chizuru told her that she got a boyfriend. Grandma was worried at first as it was the first time she introduced a boy to her. She even thought that Chizuru liked girls till then.

Grandma explains that no one is perfect and people need to support each other to fill their lacking parts. She’s proud of Chizuru and was worried if the person she introduced to her was worthy of her or not.

Grandma: “But there’s no one more worthy to you than him. I will be looking forward to the film. Good night. ”

Later, kazuya tells Chizuru that their film got accepted to the crowd funding platform.

Chizuru: “You’re a good person! That’s all!”



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