Kanojo Okarishimasu 106 Summary

Kanojo Okarishimasu 106 Summary was translated by BakaData.com

Kazuya can’t recognize the new girl and says that her room 202 was empty to his knowledge. 

New girl: “Anyway, that’s all I wanted to say. Spare me with your neighbourhood trouble.“ 

Kazuya quietly talks to Chizuru and dismisses the things that new girl said but Chizuru agrees that it is indeed annoying to neighbours when they talk in the balcony and says that they should refrain from doing it.

Kazuya is shocked as he thought that they got closer and makes talking to each other harder. He’s upset at new girl.

Next day, he finds the new girl on campus and she recognizes her as well. She’s a first year student.

She’s a lot friendlier than initially seemed and says that she searched on Youtube to learn how to confront troublesome neighbours, but considering he’s her senior, she doesn’t have a problem with that anymore.

Kazuya talks to her and explains that he wants his relationship with Chizuru to be a secret and the new girl understands that he wouldn’t want to be mocked about it.

At night, Kazuya is working on the movie project and he needs to talk to Chizuru but knows he can’t talk to her on the balcony, and at that moment, she sends him a Line text, “Can I go over there now?”.



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