Kanojo Okarishimasu 100+101 Summary

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Chizuru’s grandma and grandpa are deeply in love and the grandma is feeding him with her chopstick.

Grandpa: “Listen up Chizuru, everyone’s dream will come true.” She then mentions the name of historical Chinese figures that didn’t achieve their dreams. She eats her watermelon and doesn’t quite agree with her grandpa’s statement.

Young Chizuru used to love novels and read books in the library. And she would also use her allowance to watch movies at the theatre. She heard that her grandma used to be an actress and as she was watching movies, she would eventually look up to the actors in the screen.

One day at a rental store, she finds a movie her grandma was in and asks her grandma about it. They watch the movie together and Chizuru is shocked to see her grandma as an actress.

Chizuru’s grandma and was quite successful as an actress and considered a genius and looking at her grandma’s acting, Chizuru would eventually dream to be like her.

She learns the origin of her name which comes from “Thousand origami cranes” (Senbazuru) and how her mother wished Chizuru would become a person who delivers happiness like a Senbazuru.

At night, Chizuru tells her grandparents that she wants to become an actress like her grandmother.

Her grandma wants to stop her saying that it isn’t that easy but her grandpa intervenes and says, “You can do it. You can definitely become an amazing actress like Sayuri!” But he tells her that she still needs to attend college. With her grandpa’s encouragement, Chizuru looks motivated.

Chizuru: “Thank you grandpa for telling me that I can become an actress.” And she joins the acting club at her school

When she was a high school student, her grandpa got into a car accident. The doctor tells Chizuru’s grandma that he suffered brain damage and is in a critical condition. After doing the “Ohyakudo-mairi” as her grandpa told her, Chizuru gets back to the hospital.

Chizuru: “You told me right…you told me you will watch me when I become an actress…! And that you will fully support me till I achieve that…!!Did you know…? My name originates from the Senbazuru that will grant any wish…So when I make a wish, then it’s super effective…!!”

Before her grandpa passes away he mumbles the words, “If you strongly wish for it, your dreams will come true.”

Chizuru is alone in her room remembering the past.


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