UPDATED: [Japan Reacts] Shokugeki no Soma Le Dessert chapter 2

[Japan Reacts] Shokugeki no Soma Le Dessert chapter 2 was translated by BakaData.com

  • Don’t tell me Asahi is…Azami’s illegitimate child? Tamako also looks very similar to Erina.
  • Is Nakamura trying to cut ties with Erina? He does say it’s a farewell.
  • Tamako after the hair cut looks more like Hisako.
  • I will laugh if Asahi is indeed Azami’s illegitimate child lol
  • I guess it’s intentional that Tamako and Erina have the same haircut? Also the scene when Tamako decides to change her haircut was cute.
  • Soma doesn’t have his scar yet so I guess he got into an accident after that?
  • I haven’t been reading the manga for a while but the art looks awful.
  • How old is Asahi? Was it stated in the manga somewhere?
  • in response to the comment above: Asahi was 15 when Soma lost his mother and I think the BLUE happened 5 years later so during the BLUE he was 20 and now he’s 21. Probably.
  • They should have more time than the weekly magazine and yet the art is quite bad…I’m worried for Tosh’s next work.
  • Azami is 38 now? So if Asahi is his illegitimate child then he was a father when he was 17…unrealistic lol
  • When I think about, Asahi’s father hasn’t been mentioned yet.
  • Azami got rightfully slapped lol
  • Will Erina take the Yukihira name and Asahi becomes the head of the Nakiri family and Hisako will become his secretary?
  • There used to be people saying that Soma and Erina are related by blood (Probably those who didn’t want them to become a couple) But it’s actually Erina and Asahi who were half siblings? Also Erina is way too unlucky with her family. Her grandpa says everything is for Erina but doesn’t take any actions. Her father abused her and is a scum who has an illegitimate child. Her mother bullies her and her big brother is a criminal who abducted her.
  • Azami…Also switching from Soma’s big brother to Erina’s big brother is too much…How embarrassing is it that he proposed to his young sister.
  • I wanted one more volume out of this lol Next chapter will be the end but will we get a special chapter in the volume?
  • This chapter basically just crushed the Asahi and Erina shippers. We finally got a chapter out of Soma’s mother but the content was really boring.

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