[Japan Reacts] Shokugeki no Soma 315 Spoiler + News

[Japan Reacts] Shokugeki no Soma 315 Spoiler + News was translated by BakaData.com

  • This is awful.
  • It finishes without Mana eating it?
  • So it will continue. 
  • There’re still 2 chapters lacking for another volume. 
  • So we will get the regiment anime. Glad to hear that. 
  • If it’s an epilogue, I wonder whether we get the Soma and Erina wedding or not. 
  • “The past of those people…” We still didn’t get to see how Jouichiro and Tamako san met so we may get that. 
  • Oh well they can do the continuation of this with 3 chapters without stress. And the anime with 1 cour should be about right for the remaining bouts. 
  • Hmm…it ended without nothing getting solved and nothing getting decided…Maybe I shouldn’t buy the next issue and just buy the final volume?
  • So till the end, the story was about how strong Soma’s mentality is. 
  • Would’ve liked it on SQ more. 
  • in response to the comment above: SQ is managed by an entirely different editorial department and a different magazine. But Giga is managed by the WJ editorial department. If it’s just a sequel, then it’s mostly headed to GIGA.
  • GIGA is generally a magazine to raise young authors. But with just your authors, no one will read it so they need a big name. 
  • Hmm I wonder if there will ever be progress with the SouEri relationship…Is there even  point to make it so unclear? Give us a confirmation. Don’t even leave the 1mm possibility of Tadokoro. It may be 50cm and not 1mm…
  • Soma will lose this right? Till the end, he wasn’t able to defeat her. 

updated parts:

  • I’m glad I was able to read the spoilers. If I didn’t know how it would end, I would’ve had high expectations and my heart would’ve been shattered. The old times with the shokugeki against Shinomiya or the elite tens were the best.
  • The stripping of the roof was funny. I actually liked that.
  • What was even the point that Jouichiro lost. Tsukasa also got meaninglessly downgraded.
  • I’m curious how Jouichiro got married.
  • Last chapter and we get no interaction between Soma and Megumi? That’s got to be a lie, right?
  • “No matter how many years will pass, I won’t lost to you.” “Even if it takes years to make you say it’s delicious, I will do it.” These words sound like a proposal to me.
  • The regiment de cuisine was kinda meh but it got even worse since then…Who’s responsible for this? But I’m glad that Tosh sensei got finally freed. I hope he will find a better writer next time.

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